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 :history: 20090613T141800, brand new docs.
 :history: 20091005T073900, updated for 3.1.
 :history: 20091127T201500, updated for 3.2.
+:history: 20110605T175500, add the announcement mailing list.
 Frequently asked questions
 **Q: I use nose to run my tests, and its cover plugin doesn't let me create
 HTML or XML reports.  What should I do?**
 .. _Bitbucket issue tracker:
+Announcements of new releases are sent to the 
+`coveragepy-announce`_ mailing list.
+.. _coveragepy-announce:
 `I can be reached`__ in a number of ways, I'm happy to answer questions about
 using  I'm also available hourly for consultation or custom
     - Issue tracker should get new version number in picker.
     # Note: don't delete old version numbers: it marks changes on the tickets
     # with that number.
+- Announce on .
 - Announce on TIP.
 - Ask Christophe Zwerschke ( to build win64 kits.