Erroneous report of non-executing test statements

Issue #10 resolved
James Bennett created an issue

Running coverage on the current tip of my application django-flashpolicies (see, I get an odd report; coverage doesn't think that the entire view tests file is executing: {{{ Name Stmts Exec Cover Missing

/Users/jbennett/dev/hg/personal/django-flashpolicies/flashpolicies/tests/views 36 25 69% 28-29, 41-45, 58-59, 72-73 }}}

Those lines in the view tests file //are// executing, however, as I can verify by dropping print statements or changing the assertions so that the tests will fail.

The lines reported as missed all have in common that they come immediately after calls to {{{xml.dom.minidom.parseString}}}, but I've no idea why that would cause a problem or whether it's really related.

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