try / except / finally causes parser to fail

Issue #105 invalid
ebmeierj created an issue

It appears that there is a problem with the new try / except / finally statement which is supported by python as of version 2.5.

Example: {{{ #!python import sys from coverage import coverage coverage(data_file='coverage.dat', auto_data=True).start()

def main(): try: print "hello world"

    print "exception"

    print "world contacted"

if name == "main": main() }}}

Then if you run {{{ #!python import sys from coverage import *

cov = coverage(data_file='coverage.dat') cov.load() }}}

You will see the following exception: CoverageException: Couldn't parse '/interact/test/' as Python source: 'invalid syntax' at line 14

(The line that the error happens on is the finally following the except.)

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  1. Ned Batchelder repo owner

    Are you sure you're running the coverage script under 2.5? This error would happen if you were running the second script under 2.4.

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