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Ned Batchelder repo owner created an issue

Debian has a policy forbidding copies of libraries shipped with packages, instead system-installed copies should be used. Now that includes jQuery and some jQuery plugins, the Debian package should adapt by using the system-installed jQuery (etc) instead of the coverage-shipped copies. could be refactored a little to make this slightly easier.

The Debian bug:

The Debian policy:

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  1. Ned Batchelder reporter

    A little more detail from an IRC chat with bignose:

    nedbat> the bug report seems to indicate that you'd change coverage to point to a system file from the HTML, rather than copying a system file into the report directory and then using the same local reference it uses now.
    <nedbat> true?
    <nedbat> adapting would be easier if we could still copy the file locally, and simply change where it is copied from.
    <bignose> yes, true
    <bignose> the jquery packager I consulted indicated ‘coverage’'s use of jquery was a little exceptional (not running from a swerver, in other words)
    <bignose> and so an exceptional approach is warranted
    <bignose> so yes, I don't nee a need to prevent the library from being copied as a part of the generated report
    <nedbat> ok
    <bignose> the point is to make sure that the package isn't installing an unrelated copy of the library.
    <nedbat> yup, i understand.
    <nedbat> the code it runs should be the same jquery (etc) code as the rest of the system.
  2. Ben Finney
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    This changeset will help me slightly. I will need to change the way the static files are handled when generating a report, so this simply moves the existing code into a function for that purpose.

    (Gah. Bitbucket's issue tracker is being weird, and saying that I changed the version and component of this issue; I don't even seem to have any UI for doing that, so it wasn't my intention.)

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