Set run arguments in .coveragerc

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Ned Batchelder
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{{{ <donri> nedbat: i'm the author of a test automation framework and it'd be nice to support coverage without doing anything special and still have usage be simple; thus i thought .coveragerc configured runner was a good idea <donri> "add these two lines to .coveragerc and you can measure coverage with coverage run" <nedbat> donri: i can see the appeal, and I don't think it would be tricky to do. It'd just never occurred to me someone would want it. <nedbat> donri: it would also be useful for projects where you need to provide specific args when doing tests, or when doing coverage tests. <donri> yep <donri> in my own project i solved it with a paver task, which also does report and html in one go, so i'm satisfied on a personal level <donri> still would be nice if it integrated elegantly with my test tool }}}

(donri == Dag Odenhall)

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