Missing code definition coverage?

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I have very strange problem with code coveraging.


(internetowykantor)iMac-Pawe-Bylina:development pbylina$ python manage.py test alarm.tests --with-coverage --settings=settings_test --cover-package=alarm --cover-html --cover-html-dir=/tmp/cover --cover-erase --with-doctest --cover-tests nosetests --verbosity 1 alarm.tests --with-coverage --cover-package=alarm --cover-html --cover-html-dir=/tmp/cover --cover-erase --with-doctest --cover-tests

Summary output: http://pako.overflow.pl/trash/cover_index.html

Cover said that jabber.py is covered only in 54%. HTML output for this module: http://pako.overflow.pl/trash/alarm.jabber.html Can you explain this? Why code definition is marked as missed? With modules.py is the same problem, but other modules are ok. What's wrong?

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  1. Ned Batchelder repo owner

    This is covered in the FAQ: You are importing these modules before coverage.py is started, so the code definitions aren't measured, then the code execution is. You need to start coverage earlier in your process.

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