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No source for code for file that exists

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I think this is a separate issue from #98, in that the source file exists in my case.

I'm using coverage 3.5.1 and nose 1.1.2 in a python2.6 virtual environment.

I'm kicking off the tests with coverage with the command {{{ nosetests --cover-erase --cover-inclusive --with-coverage --cover-package=my_project }}}

The output is looks like

{{{ ................ Name Stmts Miss Cover Missing

wt_paver_tasks NoSource: No source for code: '/home/me/projects/my-project/my_project/'

Ran 16 tests in 0.158s }}}

It looks like it's getting to line 27 in, but that which would only happen if the os.path.exists(self.filename) call above that failed,

However I can start up python and run the os.path.exists command manually, and it's returning True as expected.

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