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I am using coverage 3.5.1 , nose 1.1.2 on python 2.6 in virtual environment on windows 7. I am getting cover as 0% for around 1751 lines of code and also a warning from coverage that "no data was collected" .I would like to know how to get coverage results ? I am using command - noseteses --with_coverage tests=test\

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  1. domieb

    I have the same problem,

    I tried with nose and unittest but the source witch are .pyx files are not analyzed coverage run -m nose --with-coverage --cover-package=iw iw/test/*.py

    I used compiler directive compiler_directives={'embedsignature': True, 'linetrace': True, 'binding': True, 'profile': True, } for building

    and cython --annotate-coverage coverage.xml iw/*.py works. do you have any idea of what I can try? Thanks

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