There's no way to specify --show-missing in the .coveragerc file

Issue #173 resolved
Ned Batchelder repo owner created an issue

I wonder why?

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  1. Michael Palumbo

    Is that really fixed because I am having the same problem. Setting show_missing = True in the .coveragerc file has no effect...

    I run coverage using nosetests and nose-cove: nosetests --with-doctest --with-cov --cov-config .coveragerc

  2. Ned Batchelder reporter

    @YAmikep Unfortunately, nose-cov provides its own value for show-missing, based on the command-line arguments, so it always overrides the value in the .coveragerc. One solution is to avoid nose-cov, and use coverage to run nosetests directly.

  3. Michael Palumbo

    All right thank you. I tried using only coverage but I could not make it work right with nosetests and I want to use nosetests. Any advice to use only nosetests and coverage?

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