Line numbers in HTML report do not align with source lines in Chromium

Issue #197 resolved
Marius Gedminas created an issue

This issue is best explained with a couple of screenshots:

Chromium 21.0.1180.89 Ubuntu 12.04 (154005) on my machine thinks line-height for the line numbers is 16px exactly, while the line-height of the main code is 15.983333587646484px (which it apparently rounds down to 15px). I'm not sure what happens, exactly, but the end result is that line numbers are not aligned with the code, which makes me sad.

Changing p { line-height: 1.3333em; } to p { line-height: 1.3333333em; } is enough to fix the issue on my machine. Chromium Inspector shows that line-height of the p is computed to be 16px exactly. Removing any of the '3's after the decimal point is enough to make the problem reappear.

I've attached the patch to style.css to this issue.

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