3.6b2 Breaks NoseXCover

Issue #224 resolved
Kevin Stone
created an issue

Upgrading from 3.5.3 to 3.6b2 (via PyPI) breaks the coverage calculations generated by the nose plug-in, nosexcover.

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  1. Kevin Stone reporter

    Sorry about the lack of details, just wanted to send a quick report since you pushed 3.6b2 to PyPI so it will likely affect many others as well who just pip install coverage like I had been doing without a version guard.

    I've been deploying from PyPI, so my code runs fine on 3.5.3. I haven't tried running under 3.6b1 (will try now). Basically, all my tests showed 0% coverage under 3.6b2.

    It looks like it works fine under 3.6b1 but not 3.6b2.

    Because I'm running coverage via several nose plugins (with are then run via django-nose), I don't have a lot of direct experience with coverage (sorry).

    Find attached some coverage.xml files running the same tests under different version of coverage.

    Here's my setup.cfg for running nosetests:


    and my testing_requirements.txt (with the coverage version guard added):

    # For Testing
  2. Tres Seaver

    I'm seeing a regression from 3.5.2 for my 'compoze' package.

    With coverage 3.5.2

        $ cd /tmp
        $ git clone git@github.com:tseaver/compoze.git
        $ cd compoze
        $ /opt/Python-2.6.8/bin/virtualenv /tmp/cv352
        $ /tmp/cv352/bin/python setup.py develop
        $ /tmp/cv352/bin/easy_install nose coverage==3.5.2
        $ /tmp/cv352/bin/nosetests --with-coverage
        TOTAL                568      0   100%   
        Ran 142 tests in 0.535s
        $ /tmp/cv3.5.2/bin/coverage debug sys > /tmp/3.5.2-debug.txt
        $ /tmp/cv3.5.2/bin/coverage debug data >> /tmp/3.5.2-debug.txt

    With coverage 3.6.0b2::

        $ /opt/Python-2.6.8/bin/virtualenv /tmp/cv3.6
        $ /tmp/cv36/bin/python setup.py develop
        $ /tmp/cv36/bin/easy_install nose coverage
        $ /tmp/cv36/bin/nosetests --with-coverage
        TOTAL                568    568     0%   
        Ran 142 tests in 0.309s
        $ /tmp/cv3.6/bin/coverage debug sys > /tmp/3.6-debug.txt
        $ /tmp/cv3.6/bin/coverage debug data >> /tmp/3.6-debug.txt

    Output from the 'debug' steps for each environment attached.

  3. Kevin Stone reporter

    I did a bisect of the repo trying to isolate the changeset that breaks, hope that helps to isolate the issue.

    The first bad revision is:
    changeset:   1374:4c7cc10d396f
    user:        Ned Batchelder <ned@nedbatchelder.com>
    date:        Sun Dec 09 15:50:39 2012 -0500
    summary:     Get meta-coverage working on sub-processes.
  4. Kevin Stone reporter

    The breakage is due to the following addition in coverage/control.py:468:

    +        # Combining is a kind of harvesting.
    +        self._harvested = True

    Reverting/removing this change fixes the issue.

  5. Diogo Baeder


    This is affecting me as well. I get these two behaviours:

    1. If I use --cover-erase, it wipes out the coverage and reports 0% coverage;
    2. If I use the "coverage run" command before nosetests, generate some reports, and then run nose with coverage again, it keeps using the same old reports no matter what I change in my project.

    These issues started to happen in 3.6b2; If I downgrade coverage to 3.6b1, it works fine (as expected).

  6. Ned Batchelder repo owner

    kitsunde: this issue is marked resolved. Could you open a new issue with instructions how I can reproduce the problem? Please include the version of coverage.py that you are using.

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