Show line no for missing branches in terminal report

Issue #230 resolved
Simon Sapin created an issue

coverage report --show-missing shows the line numbers for lines that are not covered at all, but not for line where all branches are not covered. (As shown by the BrMiss column.)

The easiest way I found to know which are the missing lines is through the HTML report, which is not as easy as it would be with the terminal report. Did I miss something?

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  1. Ned Batchelder repo owner

    It should be simple to add the partial-branch lines to the list of missing lines. I've just never found the console report that helpful, since I have to then jump into an editor to see the actual line.

  2. Simon Sapin reporter

    My use case is running inotifyrun py.test --cov=myproject --cov-report term-missing in a terminal window next to the editor. inotifyrun restarts the command automatically when a file is changed, so I don’t need to switch between windows.

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