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false negatives on pypy

Thomas Weißschuh
created an issue

We are facing unexplainable behaviour over at urllib3. After every run a subset of a certain number of lines is reported as uncovered. I have added print() statements before those lines. And indeed although my text is printed to the screen the the line is again reported as uncovered.

py26, py27, py32 and py33 work fine. Occurs with 3.6 and current default (c6743d8).

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  1. Thomas Weißschuh reporter

    This is the first failed build: The state of the tree of this build is here:

    Running rm .coverage; tox -e pypy a few times will quickly show you the "hot spots" of mis-reported lines. Allo those line would be resonable to be uncovered (branches of an if-conditional, earlier conditional returns in the function) but they are definitely covered.

    CPython also works if

    timid = true

    is specified in .coveragerc, so it shouldn't be the trace function.

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