Incorrect coverage on continue statement

Issue #254 duplicate
Andrew Svetlov created an issue

When I've tried to make coverage for code like this:

def f(a):
    while True:
        a -= 1
        if a==0:


I'd got report that line with continue statement is never executed. That's definitely not true.

I used branched coverage: coverage3 run --branch coverage3 html

I'd got this problem when had worked on tulip, minimal stripped example that I published can reproduce error easy. Looks like tracer actually has never called with line for 'continue', that's how python works.


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  1. Ned Batchelder repo owner

    Andrew, unfortunately this is an artifact of the peephole optimizer.

    If you believe as I do that it would be useful to have a way to disable the peephole optimizer so that these sorts of analyses would give useful results, comment on this CPython ticket: "Add mechanism to disable optimizations".

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