Allow use of system-installed third-party ECMAScript libraries

Issue #259 resolved
Ben Finney created an issue

Please allow the generated HTML report to use the system-installed version of ECMAScript libraries, instead of the ones bundled in Coverage.

While bundling third-party libraries can be convenient for some users who don't have the libraries on their system, Coverage should prefer the system-installed version of these libraries if the user indicates they exist.

The third-party ECMAScript libraries currently bundled (as of Coverage 3.6):

  • jQuery
  • jquery-hotkeys
  • jquery-isonscreen
  • jquery-tablesorter

These are all packaged in Debian at least, and installing a different version of these libraries for use only with Coverage is sub-optimal on such a system.

Specifically, the generation of an HTML report should use the system-installed instance of the above libraries.

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  1. Ben Finney reporter

    I'm open to discussing what configuration or installation hooks the user has to tell Coverage to use the system-installed libraries.

    The patch used by Debian is only applicable where the system libraries exist, and are in a specific location, and there is no option needed to use the bundled libraries. Some more generally-useful solution is needed.

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