Command ‘coverage’ is too broad for a Python-specific tool

Issue #272 closed
Ben Finney
created an issue

The entry point name ‘coverage’ is an over-broad name for a Python-specific code coverage tool. At the least, it assumes that the programmer will not be wanting code coverage testing of any language other than Python.

This request is to migrate the entry points to install a ‘python-coverage’ command primarily. There would be a need to continue supporting ‘coverage’ as a command name for existing users, but that should be deprecated over time.

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  1. Ben Finney reporter

    The attached patch renames the command to ‘python-coverage’ and updates references throughout the code base. Version-specific aliases are ‘pythonX-coverage’ and ‘pythonX.Y-coverage’.

    This also preserves a ‘coverage’ command for backward compatibility, but prefers ‘python-coverage’ throughout the code base and documentation.

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