Python 3 version of fails in tarball due to missing scripts subdir, but appears not to be necessary

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David Malcolm
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Background: I'm attempting to package coverage for python 3 for Fedora

Issue: has this conditional: {{{ if sys.hexversion < 0x03000000: # In Py 2.x, use setuptools. # etc else: # No setuptools yet for Py 3.x, so do without. from distutils.core import setup, Extension console_script = 'coverage3'

more_setup_args = dict(
    scripts = [


Upon attempting to build coverage-3.1 from tarball using python 3.1.1, this code fails in build_scripts with an error: 'scripts/coverage' does not exist

Looking at the coverage-3.1.tar.gz tarball, the "scripts" subdirectory isn't present.

I'm using Python 3.1.1 and notwithstanding the comment about "# No setuptools yet for Py 3.x, so do without.", the python 2 branch of the code seems to work fine with distribute-0.6.6 - assuming I invoke python3's 2to3 upon the source tree.

FWIW I patched this, and the result is a working python3-coverage RPM. See and the patch here:

The patch to removes most of the 2 vs 3 variation, to simply use the python2 code for both.

It also contains a fixup of console_script to vary, so that my /usr/bin/coverage is for python 2, and /usr/bin/coverage3 is for python 3 (so that both stacks are installable in parallel); you probably don't want that part of it in your version.

Hope this is helpful


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