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sonal_shirwant created an issue

Hi I have only .pyc files along with tests. When I run coverage it does not give coverage of .pyc files. Is this supported in If yes then how to make it show code coverage for .pyc file?

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  1. sonal_shirwant reporter

    I have only .pyc files in site-packages. So when I run tests using --pylib it does not give coverage report from .pyc files.

  2. Ned Batchelder repo owner

    Thanks for the details, but I'm still wondering what you would like it to do? When it comes time to report the results, what would you like to see? I suppose you could get percentage covered, and even line numbers, but them what will you do with them? You don't have the source, so how do you know what the line numbers are referring to?

    BTW, why don't you have the source?

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