Console and HTML coverage reports differ in branch miss details

Issue #342 resolved
Rowan Pattieson created an issue

Using coverage 3.7.1 .

The "BrMiss" field in a console report and the "partial" field in an HTML report sometimes do not agree with one another.

A simple example to demonstrate this (borrowed from Issue #176) is attached as .

Notice that the console report states there are 16/16 branch misses, whereas the HTML report states there are 0/16 branch misses.

I think the HTML report is correct. (None of the branches are ever executed, thus they are counted as full misses rather than partial branch misses.)

Also attached are the coverage output, and console and HTML reports.

Commands executed :

coverage run --branch
coverage report > DifferentBranchMissReport_Console.txt
coverage html

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  1. Rowan Pattieson reporter

    Great - didn't manage to discover that it was already fixed in the latest codebase :)

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