branch = False in .coveragerc ignored

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Victor RENE created an issue

Hi, I used to get a basic feel for how to use the configuration file. I need to support "NotImplementedError" for an abstract class. Before that I was launching nosetests and did not get branch output in the report.

After adding branch = False, I get branch output in the report which is not the expected output, and messes up my post-parsing to sort the coverage by percentage.

Not sure yet where the issue lies, it might be that nose is not compatible with this config file, but something is wrong. I run Python 2.7.9 (on Windows 7-64), coverage 3.7. Any help is appreciated. Regards.

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  1. Victor RENE reporter

    UPDATE: Fixed it by deleting .noseids and .coverage files. It's a caching issue. It's likely that there is no check on a change in .coveragerc to clean up the cached results.

  2. Ned Batchelder repo owner

    @victor-rene Can you provide an example of the wrong output you get? Also, could you add the --debug=config switch to your coverage command and show the output?

  3. Victor RENE reporter

    I already explained everthing but I guess I wasn't clear enough. 1. Generate html output and noseids as normal without using ".coveragerc" > No branch output 2. Create ".coveragerc" with branch = False and generate cover again > Branch output appears despite branch = False 3. Delete ".noseids" and ".coverage" and run again > Branch output disappear As I said above, it's a caching issue. When a ".coveragerc" file is added, cached ".noseids" and ".coverage" files interfere with the config set in ".coveragerc"

  4. Ned Batchelder repo owner

    This is what I did to try to reproduce it:

    $ cat >
    if 1:
    $ coverage run
    $ coverage html
    $ open htmlcov/index.html
    $ # no branch information in report
    $ cat > .coveragerc
    branch = False
    $ coverage run
    $ coverage html
    $ open htmlcov/index.html
    $ # still no branch information in report

    @victor-rene: perhaps you are using the nose coverage plugin? Maybe it is causing your problem.

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