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Martin Matusiak created an issue

Hi Ned,

Congrats on an excellent project, I use coverage all the time!

One thing I miss and that I think would make it nicer to use for large projects with hundreds/thousands of files is a hierarchical coverage report, both in html and xml, where you'd be able to browse the report by package (and get per-package counts).

The xml format (cobertura) is designed for this already, and it would make it nicer to browse in Jenkins.

I'm willing to do the leg work if you can give me some pointers on where I need to look (and accept the feature, of course).

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  1. Ned Batchelder repo owner

    @numerodix Thanks for offering to help! Two things to look at: First, issue #263 is about a "tree report" for HTML, which is what you are talking about, I think. There's a pull request, I'm not sure what state it's in. Second, the latest 4.0 alphas have a fixed XML report which I think will give you the hierarchy you need in the XML report. If you could try it out, I'd appreciate it.


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