Please remove PY3.2 egg file from PyPI for v 4.0

Issue #390 resolved
Waylan Limberg created an issue

My tox config (which installs coverage as a dep) started failing for Python 3.2 with a syntax error in the coverage lib. The error indicates that coverage==4.0a6 was installed. According to the docs, version 4.0 drops support for Python 3.2. I would expect that version 4.0 would then not get downloaded and installed by pip (which tox calls under the hood). However, I note that there is still an egg file for Python 3.2 on PyPI (here). I expect that if you remove that file, pip will then install the correct version of coverage for Python 3.2

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  1. Ned Batchelder repo owner

    @waylan Thanks, I've removed the 3.2 egg. But I think you will need to pin coverage to 3.7.1 for your 3.2 install, pip won't automatically choose it for you.

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