Combining parallel files leaves the old data files around.

Issue #40 resolved
Ned Batchelder repo owner created an issue

From Dirkjan Ochtman (hg dev):

BTW, I modified our use to use the parallel files (with the PID in the filename), but apparently the combination step leaves behind the old files (leading some people to complain about the disk use). There wasn't anything in the code that I could use for this, as far as I could see from a quick glance. Is that right? Might be a useful option for a future release.

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  1. Geoff Bache

    Just saw this. It would be useful if there was a way to get the old behaviour back, perhaps a command line switch. The problem with deleting the source by default is that if you don't get what you expect, it's very difficult to establish what happened.

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