Python3.5: Failed building wheel for coverage

Issue #421 invalid
Florian Bruhin created an issue

When trying to "pip install coverage" in a fresh Python 3.5 virtualenv, I get this:

  running install_scripts
  Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "<string>", line 1, in <module>
    File "/tmp/pip-build-il02usy1/coverage/", line 197, in <module>
    File "/tmp/pip-build-il02usy1/coverage/", line 187, in main
    File "/usr/lib64/python3.5/distutils/", line 148, in setup
    File "/usr/lib64/python3.5/distutils/", line 955, in run_commands
    File "/usr/lib64/python3.5/distutils/", line 974, in run_command
    File "/home/florian/proj/qutebrowser/git/m/.venv35/lib/python3.5/site-packages/wheel/", line 213, in run
      archive_basename = self.get_archive_basename()
    File "/home/florian/proj/qutebrowser/git/m/.venv35/lib/python3.5/site-packages/wheel/", line 161, in get_archive_basename
      impl_tag, abi_tag, plat_tag = self.get_tag()
    File "/home/florian/proj/qutebrowser/git/m/.venv35/lib/python3.5/site-packages/wheel/", line 155, in get_tag
      assert tag == supported_tags[0]

  Failed building wheel for coverage
Failed to build coverage

It still installs, but I'm guessing without caching a wheel.

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