source parameter not including files which are explicitly specified

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Alexander Todorov created an issue

In one of my projects I have lots of files/modules which are included by various tests.

I always want the coverage data and reports to include all file names so it can be easier to compare what's going on between the different tests.

When in .coveragerc I have source=../anaconda,../ where ./anaconda is a Python executable script it is not included in the coverage data. For a detailed reproducer see:

Note: this ./anaconda file is not importable (e.g. import anaconda will not work), maybe that's why it's not included in the coverage data. Also for the particular test I'm executing this file is not used anywhere (0% coverage) but I want it in the data for the reasons stated above.

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  1. Alexander Todorov reporter

    @dachary +1 for the docs PR. Let me know if you want me to close this issue if the PR doesn't close it automatically when merged.

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