Unclear that generating report failed after "No source for code" error

Issue #429 resolved
Peter Inglesby created an issue

I have tests that create a temporary Python file, imports it, and then deletes it. This file gets picked up by coverage, which then cannot find it when it tries to generate a report.

This results in the process printing the following message and quitting with a non-zero error code:

No source for code: '/private/var/folders/b0/b6pkmtfs21q38h40ccwzyyvc0000gn/T/tmpi9s9g0nx/module_b.py'.

It was not obvious to me the first time that generating the report had failed. A more helpful error message would say something like:

Failed to generate a report!  No source for code: /some/path.
To ignore missing source files, set ignore_errors to True in your configuration.

I'm happy to provide a fix here, if given some guidance on a suitable error message.

Also, following the error, I was also momentarily confused by the presence of an old run's coverage files in htmlcov. Should the htmlcov directory be cleared every time an HTML report is generated?

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  1. Ned Batchelder repo owner

    @inglesp You are probably right that a more verbose message would be useful here.

    I don't want to automatically delete the old htmlcov directory, that seems a bit aggressive.

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