CoverageException: Can't add arcs to existing line data

Issue #476 invalid
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While testing with: coverage==4.0.3 django-nose==1.4.3

With arguments: '--cover-branches', '--with-coverage', '',

I get:

File "pythonenv\lib\site-packages\coverage\", line 363, in add_arcs raise CoverageException("Can't add arcs to existing line data") coverage.misc.CoverageException: Can't add arcs to existing line data

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  1. bouteillebleu

    Not the original raiser of the issue, but finding this was useful - I ran into the same error (having first done a run without --cover-branches), but putting --cover-erase into the command line as well made it run correctly. Thank you Ned for the note about cleaning existing data files before running coverage again.

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