coverage run to try appending .exe if file is not found

Issue #506 duplicate
Adi Roiban created an issue

Maybe this is not really something to consider changing in coverage, but I am trying my luck :)

Right now, in tox.ini command we have this code:

coverage-posix: coverage run -p --rcfile={toxinidir}/.coveragerc {envbindir}/trial {posargs:twisted}
coverage-windows: coverage run {envbindir}/trial.exe {posargs:twisted}

and then we run coverage-windows on the windows systems and coverage-posix on linux/osx

It would be nice to have just this

coverage: coverage run -p --rcfile={toxinidir}/.coveragerc {envbindir}/trial {posargs:twisted}

and then coverage run to try to find a valid .exe

What do you think?


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  1. Ned Batchelder repo owner

    This is a duplicate of #174. I would really rather not get into the business of emulating shells. Can you run trial with a command like "python -m twisted.trial"? That would give you an OS-independent way to run it.

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