PyPy3 2.4 ~ Python 3.2

Issue #513 resolved
Ville Skyttä created an issue

Coverage 4.2 says it supports PyPy3 2.4. But that corresponds to CPython 3.2 which I gather is no longer supported.

Is the note on PyPy3 2.4 support up to date? If not, I suggest removing it; if yes, it could be added to the test matrix in Travis.

FWIW PyPy3 5.2.0-alpha1 is available, and corresponds to CPython 3.3.

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  1. Danilo J. S. Bellini

    Coverage 4.2 supports PyPy3, which is a "Python 3.2 with u-prefixed unicode constants". As coverage requires that specific unicode resource, it doesn't support CPython 3.2. That information isn't difficult to gather, and CHANGES.rst is quite explicit with the "Officially support PyPy 2.4, and PyPy3 2.4. Drop support for CPython 3.2 and older versions of PyPy" in the same alpha release description. Regarding PyPy3, the v5.2.0-alpha1 is still an alpha release. The last stable PyPy3 version is 2.4.0. As of today, there's no stable Python 3.3 PyPy3, so it seems you're asking to deprecate PyPy3 with that removal suggestion.

    What would fit here is an update to PyPI to show the last coverage versions that support a specific Python version (e.g. 3.7.1, the last that supports CPython 3.2, AFAIK), it's not hard to find someone who is freezing to that specific version to keep the Python 3.2 compatibility.

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