`[coverage:run]` sections in tox.ini or as specified with --rcfile

Issue #519 resolved
FichteFoll created an issue

I would like to centralize all my configuration inside tox.ini, but unfortunately the very readable [coverage:run] format, as advertised for setup.cfg, doesn't work for files specified via the --rcfile argument.

Additionally, since tox seems to be the goto cutting-edge test runner nowadays, adding tox.ini as a default option together with setup.cfg sounds like a reasonable addition.

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  1. Ned Batchelder repo owner

    Read options from tox.ini

    If coveragerc does not exist, setup.cfg does not exist or does not contain any coverage-related metadata, and no custom config file is provided, fall back to tox.ini.

    The syntax of tox.ini files is the same as that expected of setup.cfg files, namely:


    Fixes: #519

    → <<cset a82cb60fb7c8>>

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