Remove reference to nose in documentation / update it

Issue #521 resolved
Mariatta Wijaya created an issue

In the documentation page, under Using Coverage heading, there is mention about using nose test runner.

When I follow the link to nose , the documentation there says we should use other frameworks like nose2 or pytest.

Maybe the documentation for coverage should be updated to mention nose2 instead of nose?

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  1. Ned Batchelder repo owner

    @Mariatta I know that I should move off of nose. More important than changing the documentation is picking the new test runner and making sure everything works. Nose2 seems simpler to move to, but pytest has much more momentum and community behind it. If we're going to change, I'd prefer it be to pytest.

  2. Mariatta Wijaya reporter

    pytest sounds good.

    Actually, I just started using pytest and am looking for documentation/instruction on how to use pytest and coverage together, which brought me to the documentation page... There is also no documentation on pytest on how to use it with coverage.

    Can you help point me into the right direction?

    Thanks 😃

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