tox -e doc is network sensitive

Issue #537 invalid
Loic Dachary created an issue

From time to time tox -e doc fails with something that looks like

doc develop-inst-noop: /home/loic/software/coveragepy/issue-433/
doc installed: alabaster==0.7.9,Babel==2.3.4,chardet==2.3.0,-e hg+ssh://,doc8==0.7.1.dev1,docutils==0.13.1,imagesize==0.7.1,Jinja2==2.8,MarkupSafe==0.23,pbr==1.10.0,pyenchant==1.6.8,Pygments==2.1.3,pytz==2016.10,restructuredtext-lint==0.17.2,six==1.10.0,snowballstemmer==1.2.1,Sphinx==1.4.9,sphinx-rtd-theme==0.1.9,sphinxcontrib-spelling==2.2.0,stevedore==1.19.1
doc runtests: PYTHONHASHSEED='692856632'
doc runtests: commands[0] | doc8 -q --ignore-path doc/_build doc CHANGES.rst README.rst
doc runtests: commands[1] | sphinx-build -b html -b linkcheck -aEnq doc doc/_build/html
/home/loic/software/coveragepy/issue-433/ WARNING: broken link:
/home/loic/software/coveragepy/issue-433/ WARNING: broken link:
ERROR: InvocationError: '/home/loic/software/coveragepy/issue-433/ -b html -b linkcheck -aEnq doc doc/_build/html'
____________________________________________________________________ summary ____________________________________________________________________
ERROR:   doc: commands failed

Or another URL being unavailable, not always

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  1. Ned Batchelder repo owner

    In this case, I moved AUTHORS to CONTRIBUTORS, and I just removed the section of the docs that linked to Distribute. So those two failures should be gone.

    It does occasionally fail if a site is down, but how else can we check for dead links?

  2. Loic Dachary reporter

    Oh, I did not notice the AUTHORS.txt broken link ;-) I meant to note that this happens:

    WARNING: broken link:

    And re-running immediately afterwards works. Maybe transient network errors should be retried more ? I did not actually look into this but it happened to me at least once a day in the past week and figured it is worth a bug report.

  3. Loic Dachary reporter

    It happened a few times in the past days but not in a fashion I can reliably reproduce.

  4. Ned Batchelder repo owner

    I'm OK with just living with this for now. Reporting on broken links is worth the risk of a broken build due to transient failures.

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