CoverageConfig.from_file kwarg section_prefix dropped

Issue #616 wontfix
John Vandenberg created an issue

Hi, I've noticed that CoverageConfig.from_file kwarg section_prefix has dropped in e9937fd58c1, released in 4.4.2, making the current tree not backwards compatible with 4.x .

As a result, I've got a low impact problem over at ; I doubt many people are using it yet, and it is fairly easy for me to hack support in for <4.4.2 and >4.4.2 .

Or can we re-add a deprecated kwarg section_prefix to avoid breaking stuff?

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  1. Ned Batchelder repo owner

    @jayvdb The CoverageConfig class is not part of the public API. There is no guarantee about how it will behave. We should talk about a public API that you can use.

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