Covered branch inside finally block showing up as missing

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David MacIver created an issue

In some work I'm doing on Hypothesis, coverage is currently showing up some branches as missing that are covered.

Unfortunately I do not have a minimized reproduction. I tried a moderate amount and couldn't seem to trigger the behaviour in anything other than the actual example.

The following script will run a reproduction of this:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

git clone
cd hypothesis-python
git checkout db1db2719cd09cfe5c565967667aca05bf8ad615
virtualenv v
source v/bin/activate
pip install coverage attrs pytest-xdist
export PYTHONPATH=src
python -m coverage run  --branch --include=src/hypothesis/ -m pytest tests/cover/  -n 0 --ff
coverage report --rcfile=/dev/null --show-missing

You will see a lot of things missing here because this isn't the full set of tests for that file, but the notable ones are "811->829, 824->829". Both of these are definitely covered - if you add an "else assert False" to the if branches then that assert will fire in these tests - but the report shows them as missing branches.

I've tested this on both Python 2.7.13 and 3.6.0 and it seems to behave the same way in each.

NB: You may notice that this file does a bunch of messing around with coverage and tracing. All of that should be turned off by the HYPOTHESIS_INTERNAL_COVERAGE=true environment variable, so I'm reasonably sure that's not the culprit here.

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  1. David MacIver reporter

    For added confusingness, AFAICT the second but not the first of these two lines cannot be pragma-ed away! Adding a pragma: no branch to it causes it to still show up as an uncovered branch.

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