How to best generate coverage report for mixed Python, CPython C-API extensions

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Christoph Reiter created an issue

This is more of a support request, I hope that's OK.

I work on two projects which are CPython extensions partially written in Python and C, using the Python C API. To get a nicely unified coverage report over all Python versions on Windows/macOS/Linux, I currently use and gcov and send it to, which looks something like this:


Does anyone know if there is a nice way to get something similar without using external services and without having separate html reports?

(Would it be possible to import gcov or the xml format into the internal format and then merge everything to one report?)

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  1. Ned Batchelder repo owner

    @lazka I don't know of any such service. Is there a report format that would be easier to integrate with gcov?

  2. Christoph Reiter reporter

    No idea. I only found that every tool can export to the cobertura xml format but I didn't find anything which can actually work with it (merge, create reports).

    I just went with for now and let CI merge things and push it to gitlab pages: And I'm quite happy with that now.

    Feel free to close this.

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