coverage report with --fail-under and fail_under in config file not failing

Issue #630 closed
Louis Willcock created an issue

Hey guys,

Been playing around with coverage in order to get our CI pipeline failing when tests aren't written and I've found myself at the docs, tried a variety of things, changing values to plainly incorrect numbers, deleting the rc file and just running from command line, commenting stuff out and nothing is working.

Linux 16.04, version 4.4.2 with C extension Installed with Pipenv

I've literally just installed and run, nothing out of the ordinary I can think of.

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  1. Louis Willcock reporter

    Sorry about this mate, I was expecting something louder on my run, it is returned exit code 2 as intended and on my pipeline working as expected. My fault, expectations different to reality. Will close the issue. Cheers for the great tool!

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