Console script for non-CPython interpreter

Issue #641 closed
Ben Finney created an issue

Python environments that are not CPython – for example, PyPy or Jython – should get a separate console script name installed, analogous to the ‘coverage’ and ‘coverage2.7’ etc. script names.

Currently, the ‘console_scripts’ setting will install PyPy or Jython entry point scripts with the names ‘coverage’, ‘coverage2’, ‘coverage2.7’, etc.; this conflicts with the existing CPython entry points.

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  1. Ned Batchelder repo owner

    My assumption is that people are mostly using a single Python implementation, so no conflict will occur. I wouldn't want PyPy-only users to have to use "pypycoverage" as the command name. For cases where there are multiple Python implementations in use, people can use the -m invocations: "pypy -m coverage".

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