Recall functions are uncovered but truly executed.

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rebecca created an issue

in one python file called, line 148 is executed, but function eh_evt_2_events and prepare_eh_evt_4_vault which are recalled are not marked as covered: line 148: df = evt_hub_rdd.flatMap(lambda evt: eh_evt_2_events(evt)).map(lambda evt: prepare_eh_evt_4_vault(evt, batch_date, batch_key)).map(lambda evt_dict: Row(**evt_dict)).toDF()

This file is to process data and save to vault: Uploaded data are processed and saved in vault as expected when testing.

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  1. rebecca reporter

    @ned Thanks for your help. I will read up the articles. BTW, the codes are running in a spark cluster, we found that some codes are executed in worker nodes, but is running in the master node, maybe it's the root cause why some codes are not marked as covered. I will try again.

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