isn't measured

Issue #85 resolved
Ned Batchelder repo owner created an issue

In this code:

{{{ import Queue import threading import unittest

class TestThread(threading.Thread): def init(self, started_queue, stopping_queue): threading.Thread.init(self) self._started_queue = started_queue self._stopping_queue = stopping_queue

def run(self):
    print "starting thread"
    msg = self._stopping_queue.get()
    print "exiting thread"

def fooey(self):
    print "fooey"
    print "fooey out:"

def booey(self):
    print "booey"

class ThreadTest(unittest.TestCase): def test_threads(self): starting_queue = Queue.Queue() stopping_queue = Queue.Queue() thd = TestThread(starting_queue, stopping_queue) stopping_queue.put('') thd.start() starting_queue.get() thd.join() self.assertTrue(True)

if name == 'main': unittest.main() }}}

run() is marked as not covered, but fooey() and booey() are. What's up with that?

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