Source / test /

"""Tests for's improved tokenizer."""

import os, re
from test.coveragetest import CoverageTest
from coverage.phystokens import source_token_lines

SIMPLE = """\
# yay!
def foo():
  say('two = %d' % 2)

MIXED_WS = """\
def hello():
        a="Hello world!"

HERE = os.path.split(__file__)[0]

class PhysTokensTest(CoverageTest):
    """Tests for's improver tokenizer."""

    run_in_temp_dir = False

    def check_tokenization(self, source):
        """Tokenize `source`, then put it back together, should be the same."""
        tokenized = ""
        for line in source_token_lines(source):
            text = "".join([t for _,t in line])
            tokenized += text + "\n"
        # source_token_lines doesn't preserve trailing spaces, so trim all that
        # before comparing.
        source = source.replace('\r\n', '\n')
        source = re.sub(r"(?m)[ \t]+$", "", source)
        tokenized = re.sub(r"(?m)[ \t]+$", "", tokenized)
        self.assertMultiLineEqual(source, tokenized)

    def check_file_tokenization(self, fname):
        """Use the contents of `fname` for `check_tokenization`."""

    def test_simple(self):
                [('com', "# yay!")],
                [('key', 'def'), ('ws', ' '), ('nam', 'foo'), ('op', '('),
                            ('op', ')'), ('op', ':')],
                [('ws', '  '), ('nam', 'say'), ('op', '('),
                            ('str', "'two = %d'"), ('ws', ' '), ('op', '%'),
                            ('ws', ' '), ('num', '2'), ('op', ')')]

    def test_tab_indentation(self):
        # Mixed tabs and spaces...
                [('key', 'def'), ('ws', ' '), ('nam', 'hello'), ('op', '('),
                            ('op', ')'), ('op', ':')],
                [('ws', '        '), ('nam', 'a'), ('op', '='),
                            ('str', '"Hello world!"')],
                [('ws', '        '), ('nam', 'b'), ('op', '='),
                            ('str', '"indented"')],

    def test_tokenize_real_file(self):
        # Check the tokenization of a real file (large, btw).
        real_file = os.path.join(HERE, "")

    def test_stress(self):
        # Check the tokenization of a stress-test file.
        stress = os.path.join(HERE, "stress_phystoken.tok")
        stress = os.path.join(HERE, "stress_phystoken_dos.tok")
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