Source / lab /

import dis, marshal, struct, sys, time, types

def show_pyc_file(fname):
    f = open(fname, "rb")
    magic =
    moddate =
    modtime = time.asctime(time.localtime(struct.unpack('L', moddate)[0]))
    print "magic %s" % (magic.encode('hex'))
    print "moddate %s (%s)" % (moddate.encode('hex'), modtime)
    code = marshal.load(f)

def show_py_file(fname):
    text = open(fname).read().replace('\r\n', '\n')
    code = compile(text, fname, "exec")

def show_code(code, indent=''):
    print "%scode" % indent
    indent += '   '
    print "%sargcount %d" % (indent, code.co_argcount)
    print "%snlocals %d" % (indent, code.co_nlocals)
    print "%sstacksize %d" % (indent, code.co_stacksize)
    print "%sflags %04x" % (indent, code.co_flags)
    show_hex("code", code.co_code, indent=indent)
    print "%sconsts" % indent
    for const in code.co_consts:
        if type(const) == types.CodeType:
            show_code(const, indent+'   ')
            print "   %s%r" % (indent, const)
    print "%snames %r" % (indent, code.co_names)
    print "%svarnames %r" % (indent, code.co_varnames)
    print "%sfreevars %r" % (indent, code.co_freevars)
    print "%scellvars %r" % (indent, code.co_cellvars)
    print "%sfilename %r" % (indent, code.co_filename)
    print "%sname %r" % (indent, code.co_name)
    print "%sfirstlineno %d" % (indent, code.co_firstlineno)
    show_hex("lnotab", code.co_lnotab, indent=indent)
def show_hex(label, h, indent):
    h = h.encode('hex')
    if len(h) < 60:
        print "%s%s %s" % (indent, label, h)
        print "%s%s" % (indent, label)
        for i in range(0, len(h), 60):
            print "%s   %s" % (indent, h[i:i+60])

def show_file(fname):
    if fname.endswith('pyc'):
    elif fname.endswith('py'):
        print "Odd file:", fname
def main(args):
    for a in args:
if __name__ == '__main__':
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