Source / tests / stress_phystoken.tok

# Here's some random Python so that test_tokenize_myself will have some
# stressful stuff to try.  This file is .tok instead of .py so pylint won't
# complain about it, check_eol won't look at it, etc.

first_back = """\
hey there!

other_back = """
hey \

lots_of_back = """\
hey \
# This next line is supposed to have trailing whitespace:
fake_back = """\ 

# Lots of difficulty happens with code like:
# fake_back = """\
# ouch
# """
# Ugh, the edge cases...

# What about a comment like this\
"what's this string doing here?"

class C(object):
        def there():
                this = 5 + \
                that = \
                    "a continued line"

cont1 = "one line of text" + \
    "another line of text"

a_long_string =              \
    "part 1"                 \
    "2"                      \
    "3 is longer"

def hello():
        print("Hello world!")

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