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"""Add a 'fixtar' command to

This lets us have proper permissions in tar files made on Windows.

from distutils.core import Command
import shutil, tarfile

class fixtar(Command):
    """A new command to fix tar file permissions."""

    description = "Re-pack the tar file to have correct permissions."

    user_options = []

    def initialize_options(self):
        """Required by Command, even though I have nothing to add."""

    def finalize_options(self):
        """Required by Command, even though I have nothing to add."""

    def run(self):
        """The body of the command."""
        for _, _, filename in self.distribution.dist_files:
            if filename.endswith(".tar.gz"):
                self.repack_tar(filename, "temp.tar.gz")
                shutil.move("temp.tar.gz", filename)

    def repack_tar(self, infilename, outfilename):
        """Re-pack `infilename` as `outfilename`.

        Permissions and owners are set the way we like them.
        Also deletes the source directory, due to unfortunate

        itar =, "r:gz")
        otar =, "w:gz")
        the_dir = None
        for itarinfo in itar:
            otarinfo = otar.gettarinfo(
            if the_dir is None:
                n ="/")
                assert "/" not in n
                the_dir = n
            if itarinfo.isfile():
                otarinfo.mode = 0644
                otarinfo.mode = 0755
            otarinfo.uid = 100
            otarinfo.gid = 100
            otarinfo.uname = "ned"
            otarinfo.gname = "coverage"
            otar.addfile(otarinfo, itar.extractfile(itarinfo))

        # To make this work, sdist has to be run with the --keep-temp option.
        # But the clean command doesn't clean up the temp directory.
        # Delete it here.