Nathan Durnan committed e31284c

Fixed comment header to reflect actual purpose.

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 "APIConstants.au3": {"timestamp": 1332638286.8},
 "APIErrors.au3": {"timestamp": 1332638286.8},
 "DriveTools.au3": {"timestamp": 1310081687.81},
-"GlobalCOM_ErrHandler.au3": {"timestamp": 1325727958.85},
+"GlobalCOM_ErrHandler.au3": {"timestamp": 1335998619.23},
 "GlobalFSO.au3": {"timestamp": 1325637915.29},
 "GlobalWMI.au3": {"timestamp": 1310065421.17},
 "ProcessExitCode.au3": {"timestamp": 1325789908.23},


 Global $Ga_COM_Err[2]
 Global $G_objError = ObjEvent("AutoIt.Error", "_COM_ErrFunc")
-; #FUNCTION# ....:	OnAutoItStart *********************************************
+; #FUNCTION# ....:	_COM_ErrFunc **********************************************
 ; Date Added.....:	20111227
 ; Author.........:	Nathan Durnan
-; Purpose........:	Function called as the script/exe begins
+; Purpose........:	Error reporting function for COM errors.
 Func _COM_ErrFunc()
 	Local $HexNumber = Hex($G_objError.number, 8)
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