HgPreBackup / HgPreBackupSettings.ini

;This section is where file paths are specified.
;  hgPath .....: Command path for Mercurial application.
;                Typically just 'hg' if Mercurial is installed.
;  RepoPath ...: Path to search for source repositories.
;  BackupPath .: Path where backup repositories are to be located.
;  LogPath ....: Path where log files are to be created.
;                Typically, this is the same as BackupPath.
hgPath = hg
repopath = 
backuppath = 
logpath = 
;End of Paths
;This section is where general preferences are specified.
;  SubFolderLimt .: Maxmum number of subfolders to check within RepoPath.
;  Report ..: Send email of log file if errors are encountered.
;             Expected Values: 'True' or 'False'
;                 True  -> send email with error report
;                 False -> no email
;             NOTE: When True, Email setting MUST be specified!!!
;  KeepLogCount ..: Keep at least this number of log files. 
;                   0 will keep no logs (KeepLogDays must also be 0) 
;                   -1 will keep all logs.
;  KeepLogDays ...: Keep at least this many days of log files. 
;                   0 will keep no logs (KeepLogCount must also be 0) 
;                   -1 will keep all logs.
;  NOTE - The KeepLog... settings work in combinaton with each other: 
;       e.g. at least 30 days worth of logs, AND at least 10 logs.
;       The more generous condition will always take precedence to 
;       preserve the maximum amount of historical log information.
;  PurgeBackups ..: Remove backup repositories when they no longer have
;                   matching source repositories.
;                   Expected Values: 'True' or 'False'
;                       True  -> Send orphaned backups to Recycle Bin.
;                       False -> Leave orphaned backups in BackupPath.
SubFolderLimit = 10
Report = False
KeepLogCount = 10
KeepLogDays = 30
PurgeBackups = False
;End of Settings
;This section is where email settings are specified.
;All of the following MUST be specified if Report is True
;  SMTPServer ....: Name or IP of SMTP server to use. (e.g.
;  SMTPPort ......: Port number to use, typically 25 (note: gmail uses 465)
;  SMTPssl .......: Use Secure Socket Layer protocol or not.
;                   0 = no ssl, 1 = use ssl (required for gmail)
;  SMTPUser ......: Username for SMTP login
;  SMTPPassword ..: Password for SMTP login (IMPORTANT: SEE NOTE BELOW)
;*!!*  NOTE: This setting is a known security issue!!! 
;*!!*  Password is stored as plain text, unencryped.  
;*!!*  Use at your own risk!!!  Keep this file in a safe location.
;  FromName ......: Name to identify sender of Email (can be blank)
;  FromAddress ...: Email address of sender, typical format:
;  ToAddress .....: Comma separated list of addresses to send message to.
SMTPServer = 
SMTPPort =
SMTPssl =
SMTPUser =
SMTPPassword =
FromName =
FromAddress =
ToAddress =
;End of Email
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