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 # - Automatically save and restore the modification times of files
 # Copyright 2011 Nathan Durnan <>
 # Based on timestamp extension by Friedrich Kastner-Masilko <>
 #	recorded and restored during commit, update, revert, etc. operations.
 # Development information:
-#	Mercurial Version:	1.8.3 (from TortoiseHg package)
+#	Mercurial Version:	1.8.3 - 1.9.1 (from TortoiseHg package)
 #	Python Version:		2.6.6 (from TortoiseHg package)
-#	TortoiseHg Version: 2.0.4
+#	TortoiseHg Version: 2.0.4 - 2.1.2
 # begin Extension Help Text:
 '''Automatically store and retrieve modification times of files.'''
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