Nathan Durnan avatar Nathan Durnan committed 6af9f3f

Update timestamps after resolve when --all option is used as well.
See Issue #27 at BitBucket

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 def Hook_Post_Resolve(repo, **kwargs):
 	repo.ui.note("TimestampMod|Post-Resolve Hook accessed!\n")
 	#repo.ui.debug("Post-Resolve:kwargs = \n", str(kwargs), '\n')
-	if (File_TimestampRecords in str(kwargs['pats'])):
+	myResolveAll = False #starting value
+	if ('opts' in kwargs):
+		if ('all' in kwargs['opts']):
+			myResolveAll = kwargs['opts']['all']
+		#end of check for 'preview' option.
+	#end of check for 'opts' keyword.
+	if (myResolveAll or (File_TimestampRecords in str(kwargs['pats']))):
 		#Only re-apply timestamps if the timestamp file is the one being resolved.
 		repo.ui.status("Resolved timestamp file - Reapplying timestamps!\n")
 		timestamp_mod(repo.ui, repo, **dict({'save': None, 'restore': True}))
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