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Update README to include BBI#36 fix details.
(and prepare for 0.2.6 release)

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 These release notes will not cover every version, just tip of the repository and previous major release points.
-### __0.2.6 (beta)__ - _July 3, 2012_
+### __0.2.6 (beta)__ - _July 5, 2012_
 This is a bug-fix release.  
 + __Changed__ - Features or functionality modified with this version:
     * The extension will abort running the Post-Merge and Post-Resolve hooks until there are no unresolved files.  Command line merge tools can leave extra lines in unresolved files to help with manual merging.  This makes it impossible for the extension to read the JSON timestamp file.  Since unresolved files indicate an intermediate merge state, reapplying the timestamps to the unresolved state would likely be incorrect in the first place.
     _(changed in TimestampMod v0.2.3)_
+    * The extension will no longer report a missing timestamp record file (.hgtimestamp) as an error when creating a new repository.  The error message was misleading - the missing file really is a low-priority condition.  The extension now quietly deals with the missing file without creating panic for the user.  
+    _(changed in TimestampMod v0.2.6)_
 + __Fixed__ - Issues fixed with this version:
     * A compatibility issue with the command line Mercurial package was fixed.  The Python library distributed with the command line Mercurial package does not include the JSON module!  A separate Python installation is required for use with the command line Mercurial package.  The extension can now reference an external Python library to pick up the components it needs that may be missing from Mercurial or TortoiseHg native Python libraries.  
     _(fixed in TimestampMod v0.2.3)_