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Update README to include BBI#37 fix details.
(and prepare for 0.2.6 release)

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 ".hgignore": {"timestamp": 1336516662.38},
 ".hgtags": {"timestamp": 1327960909.75},
-"": {"timestamp": 1339691478.75},
+"": {"timestamp": 1341343670.83},
 "Tests/TimestampMod_BBI37_Test.bat": {"timestamp": 1341343207.95},
 "TimeStampMod.png": {"timestamp": 1305052883.0},
 "": {"timestamp": 1341339063.7},
-About (version 0.2.4 beta)
+About (version 0.2.6 beta)
 TimestampMod is an extension for Mercurial DVCS that incorporates automatic saving and restoring of the modification times of files under version control.  This extension is based on an original timestamp extension by [Friedrich Kastner-Masilko]( hosted at [][ts].
 These release notes will not cover every version, just tip of the repository and previous major release points.
-### __0.2.5 (beta)__ - _June 14, 2012_
+### __0.2.6 (beta)__ - _July 3, 2012_
 This is a bug-fix release.  
     _(fixed in TimestampMod v0.2.4)_
     * Exception error occurred when using TimestampMod with older versions of MQ patch queue extension.  The MQ 'qrefresh' was calling commit with match.files() as set() instead of list().  The TimestampMod extension now coerces the match.files() object to a list to avoid this issue.  
     _(fixed in TimestampMod v0.2.5)_
+    * Save Timestamp for Committed Files ONLY.  When committing specific files, the extension was saving the timestamps of ALL files tracked in the repository even if they are not included in the commit. It should only be saving timestamps for files that have been included in the commit.  
+    _(fixed in TimestampMod v0.2.6)_
 ### __0.2.2 (beta)__ - _April 26, 2012_
 This is a feature change beta release.  The format of the timestamp file (.hgtimestamp) has changed with this release in order to be more forward-compatible.  
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