Nathan Durnan avatar Nathan Durnan committed d8e01b0

Added tags "Version 0.2.5" and "Beta" for changeset 0cc80ed72f44

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 cf8afdc92ec3e49ccff5341c026cfc087b739196 Version 0.2.3
 92ec2810755a7de4940d43f12665ca3f73294e62 Version 0.2.4
 7fede0ec8bc7f5e809bca152f7a60e2f9fc4acd5 Version 0.2.5
-7fede0ec8bc7f5e809bca152f7a60e2f9fc4acd5 Beta
+0cc80ed72f44f7a13bea622b913fd80f9461d05b Version 0.2.6
+0cc80ed72f44f7a13bea622b913fd80f9461d05b Beta
 "Version": "0.2.4",
 ".hgignore": {"timestamp": 1336516662.38},
-".hgtags": {"timestamp": 1339691777.77},
+".hgtags": {"timestamp": 1342195170.14},
 "": {"timestamp": 1342031813.02},
 "Tests/BBI36_CheckTimestampFileExists_Test.bat": {"timestamp": 1342032060.52},
 "Tests/BBI37_SaveOnlyCommittedTimestamps_Test.bat": {"timestamp": 1342032121.8},
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